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Telwis Zbigniew Kaczmarczyk
ul. E. Dembowskiego 17/48(55)
02-784 Warszawa Poland


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Electronics studio.
We do not have a stand for the car
and all modules must be removed from the car and delivered to our workshop by mail order
The company has been operating on the Internet and on Allegro auctions since 2014. Initially, it was involved in its own production and sale of memory programmers on the Polish and European market. At the turn of 2017, we changed our profile of activity and until now deals with the repair of electronic car modules BSI, BSM, UCH, and instrument clesters. etc. For the most part, these are modules that have memory chip and are programmed. After damage, they are repaired or a copy (clone) is created on a module from another used car. Experience is needed for this in programming these modules. So having experience in the previous production and sale of these programmers, we now have qualified employees to repair these modules. We specialize in servicing modules mainly from French cars, but not only. We invite you to our offer presented on the pages of our portal. We work on working days from 9.00 – 15.00 Mon. – fri. Tel. 534 537 492 e-mail You write us an e-mail from the form on the website or call us and present your offer. We are interested in information such as:
  • – type of module (photo from its sticker sent to our phone number)
  • – type of the car
  • – type of engine
  • – symptoms of poor engine operation
  • – errors generated during diagnosis
After obtaining this information, we are able to predetermine whether we will repair this module. After the decision, you send the module (removed from the car) to our service address located on the “About Us” page, and attach:
  • a description of the defect,
  • return address
  • your contact phone number
At this point, we can provide a preliminary price for the repair of the module. It will take us 1 – 2 working days to repair this module. After the repair, we send the module back to the previously provided delivery address. Most often we send parcels by DPD and DHL courier. We make the payment after the module has been repaired, by transfer to the indicated bank account. During the repair, we are always available by e-mail and phone. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our regulations (located in the footer on the first page). We also encourage you to read the opinions of our previous customers (in Google).