BCM Alfa Romeo

BCM Repair Common Symptoms:
  • wipers work non-stop. They cannot be turned off.
  • malfunction of the lighting (turn lights, break lights, dipped headlights, etc.)
Version 00505086540 – 00521168540 version BCM940D.02
Replacing the module with used one is not enough to start the engine. The controller must be reprogrammed for a specific car (immo system). We offer repair of this controller for some most often faults listed above. In the event that the fault cannot be removed (water flooding, lack of electronic components on te market), we make a copy of this module, so called “clone”. As a consequence, the controller does not require coding after installation in the car. Just plug&play. We give 12 months defect repair warranty. It takes about 1-2 working days for tis repair.

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